San Diego Sports Coalition

We (SDSC) are uniting sports and recreational enthusiasts into a potent political force in San Diego County. We have always been a political force but our voice was fragmented and we sprang into action when our individual ox was being gored by our enemies, and therefore easily defeated. The principle here is simple; there is strength in numbers.

Whether you hunt, fish, ride off road, train dogs, ride a horse, hike, camp, rock climb, shoot bow and arrows, target practice, turkey hunt, work to restore and preserve wetlands, trap shoot, are a wildlife conservationist, water ski, skydive, surf, trout fish, bird watch, live in a forest area, canoe down quiet streams, ride a bicyle, fly a small private airplane, shoot the rapids on a raft, picnic on the grass, hunt quail and pheasant, pan for gold, own property with recreational uses or any of the myriad activities that rely on access to the outdoors, our Rights are being stolen, often without a fight!

It is estimated that 75% of the registered voters in the County participate in these activities. By combining our voices and our votes into a unified block, we can smash our political enemies. By strategically wielding such power we can ensure that most elected officials will agree with us or will be politically motivated to help us retain the birthright given to us by our forefathers: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!

The San Diego Sports Coalition (SDSC) is looking for individuals, clubs and associations to participate.